End Abortion! Pass Life-at-Conception!

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Roe v Wade has been OVERTURNED!

That means all we have to do is pass Charlice Byrd’s Life-at-Conception bill (HB 604) in Georgia and every abortion will be ILLEGAL in our state!

Yes, this will be a long fight but we’re gaining huge ground in the fight to end abortion nationwide.

Take action by signing your special petition telling your Senator and Representative to pass the Life-at-Conception bill (HB 604) NOW and protect the lives of the unborn.

The repealing of Roe has shown the world that abortion is NOT Constitutional and there is NO RIGHT to slaughter unborn children. Now let’s get it done in Georgia!

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After you’ve signed, please consider making a contribution to the Georgia Coalition for the Unborn, to help us get the message out to pro-lifers statewide by clicking here!