OPPOSE S.B. 15 / H.B. 75, the Abortion Bill!

Chip in $10

The Democrats in Atlanta have entered a MASSIVE abortion bill through the legislature, and we expect to see a similar bill in the House! We need your help to stop this bill in its tracks!

S.B. 15 and H.B. 75 will grant the “right” to murder unborn children in the womb. Not just that, it protects chemical abortions (burning the baby to death in the womb) and even FULL-TERM abortions (killing an 8lb baby with hair on their head and nails on their little toes,) right up to the moment of birth.

More than that, this law has zero age restrictions and would allow 10-, 12- or 13-year-old girls to get an abortion or even undergo sterilization with NO requirement to get approval from Mom and Dad.

These bills are violent, abhorrent, vicious, and bloodthirsty and we must shut them DOWN!

Please use the form provided to your official petition to YOUR Senator and Representative, telling them you want them to VOTE NO on S.B. 15 and H.B. 75!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a supporter of the Georgia Coalition for the Unborn so that we can keep fighting for the pre-born babies! You can get involved by clicking here – www.JOINGCU.com!